Thursday, December 31, 2009


Pyromancy- noting shapes in burning flames.

Often spirit is said to manifest through FIRE, as fire is the closest element to pure energy.

Be seated. Stare deeply into and fixedly into the glow, counting your heartbeats under-breath. Do you see what I see?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Man's Immortal Soul

None of us can travel too far in life and remain a stranger to death. Death is something we all have to face. The terminal departure causes us pain, and grief that tears us apart.

When we stand at the casket of a loved one who has died, we weep and the heart drowns in the depths of sorrow. The idea that death is absolute end of existence scares many people, because our time together is over, but what if your loved one wasn't really gone forever?

Death is not the end but, rather a passage to the afterlife.

Humans possess an immortal soul is a doctrine shared in many faiths. Almost all people since the beginning of the human race have believed in some form of afterlife. Only in recent times and only in Western countries, have a large number of people maintain death is oblivion.

What if invisible entities capable of surviving the death of the physical
body wander about on their own time line. No more good-byes or
separation for your loved one is close by.

I believe people live, even though they die a physical death. I am a believer in Spirits. I have a definite belief in existence of an afterlife, because I have had experiences involving manifestations. I simply know.

When you are sad, lonely and feeling disconnected from loved ones who have crossed over to the other side simply have a conversation with them. Make time for them in your daily life to bring peace to your grieving heart.

You and you alone are the link between the living and of those the spirit world. Talk to Spirit. Tell your loved one about what you feel is important. Spirit will answer with a personal message so you will know they are near. Close your eyes, picture the person you miss standing before you and say:

"______________, I am lost with out you. Please put your arms around me and hold me in your loving embrace. Whisper to me, let me know your here."

Imagine the contentment that will result when dead loves are included in your life on the earthly plane.

*picture taken from The Supernatural series- Spirits and Spirit Worlds. Author - Roy Stemman. Publisher - The Danbury Press A Division of Grolier Enterprises Inc.