Thursday, November 24, 2011

Everyone has an opinion

Magic Natural -
Magic is divided into two known branches: the one is infamous and composed of the spell of unclean spirits and orginates from a wicked curiosity which the wisest Greeks called Goetia or Theurgia and to which everything is hostile; like those who excite charms, ghosts or illusions of which suddenly there is no trace.

The other, by a similar asseration, is natural...This magic, which has and gives the contemplation of things which lie unapprehended and the quality, propriety, and knowledge of everything natural, to the peak of all philosophy.

It also teaches that with the help of others and by mutual and timely application, it carries out the works which the world esteems as miracles.
J.B. Parta, Natural Magic, Anvers, 1561, pg. 92

Magic pertaining to, used in, magic: possessing marvellous qualities or causing wonderful or startling results; by means of union with spirits.
Webster's Dictionary Banner Press, Pg. 296

Magic (from Persian priests), practice of manipulating course of nature by supernatural means. It is based on the belief that unseen forces which permeate all things populate the universe and that control of them gives man control over nature. Magic frequently combines within its scope elements religion. Its aim (using and changing nature) approximates that of science, an outgrowth of magic. The practice of magic is held to depend uopn the proper use of both ritual and spell. Amulets and imitative acts (e.g., fertility rights based on analogy between plant and human generation) are also used. Almost all ancient people believed in magic. Those who practiced black magic (malevolent) magic are called sorcerers and witches. Many present-day superstitions are remnants of pagan magic, and powers is still extant.
The Columbia - Viking Desk Encyclopedia Third Edition,Viking Press Pg. 648 (1953, 1960, 196, by Columbia University Press)

Magic is the art of effecting change through an external and supernormal force. Man's awareness of magic and his efforts to use it to enhance his place in his environment are ancient and universal and have been a part of all religious systems. The earliest evidence of magic dates from cave paintings of the Paleolithic Age, some of which suggest that magic rituals were emploed to secure sucessful hunts.
The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft Rosemary Ellen Guiley Pg. 213

The use of a certain ritual action to bring about the intervention of a supernatural force, either in human affairs or in the natural environment, for a specific purpose. Magic has existed universally since ancient times and varies in form from primary rituals involving the well-being of an entire community to minor, peripheral, private acts of magic. All forms of magic are traditionally secret arts taught only to initiates, although in some cultures magical knowledge can sometimes be bought and sold or can be passed on through inheritance. A distinction is usually made between Black Magic, used destructively to bring misfortune or death, and White Magic, which is used to ward off such attacks as well as to prevent natural calamities. In itself magic is not good or evil - it is the magician's intentions that makes the difference.
Geddes & Grosset Dictionary of the Occult copy right 1996

Friday, November 18, 2011

Does It Exist?

I watched the show My Ghost Story on Bio. Most guests on the show telling their stories spoke of fearful tales. In the last fifteen minutes of the program an older gentleman told of his experiences with the unseen on his property. He had a fuzzy snapshot of a little girl skipping across the lawn. He believed she is the young girl who died in the house when she stepped too close to a fire and she and her dress went up in flames. Also he has a picture of a woman dressed in period wear walking the grounds.

Like me, he isn't afraid of what he sees. He believes as I do - ghosts and spirits have the power to come and go. A ghost feels entitled to the place they dwell or visit to bring peace to family and friends in solving their earthly demise. They like to hang out at the places and close to the people who made them happiest. Spirits are around us to protect and guide.

Ghost is a general term which refers to the visible spirit of a former person. Spirits is the term used for souls of the dead, whether active or not.

Most people are afraid of the unseen. They are more afraid of what they don't understand than the entities themselves.

The "occult" science is that branch of learning, searching for things not yet known to all - the hidden facts of life. Rather than being a word to be shunned occult is a word that attracts the thinking. Our spiritual nature cries out that we seek the things we don't understand. (Mysterious secrets give wisdom to the wise, but entangle the minds of fools)

I am a Canadian writer, practicing Witch and Spiritualist who also divines with Tarot and ordinary playing cards. The cards, as well as messages from Spirit assist to connect to the information I need for myself and hopefully inspire others. My only desire is to share with you what works for me.

Witchcraft and Spiritualism gave me a chance to take my life in a whole new direction. Remarkable improvement took place in my life. I enjoy life more and that is a good thing. My family is important to me. I have only a few friends, but they’re very loyal. There might be a slight setback, but the overall results are positive.

Doing the right thing, patience spurred on by ambition, makes life easy for me. I live my life surrounded by people who care about my well-being while doing the things I like to do. (Positive responses one takes attracts positive results)

Because I couldn't understand or accept all the injustices around me I became an angry and fractured soul. Once I embraced a Higher Power and started talking I disposed the problems ( problems are a necessary stage to purification). (We all want to be loved - We all want to be heard)

Life isn't perfect. Life can be really unfair. We all suffer a run of bad luck or illness. Slowly and gradually life will change for the better. Most problems will dissipate into thin air. The bad times fade. It takes courage to make the changes in your life to claim your life. Sometimes we need help and support to do the right thing - kindness - disposed or mutual understanding to do good to others (In ye harm none do as ye will).

When I pray I speak out loud in a polite and respectful manner to my Spirit Guide and Grandfather. As I apply my own natural talent and effort as well as positive invisible forces supporting my destiny, heaven-sent people, new places, and unique opportunities appear like never before. I'm not pushed or agitated by the whims of others for a long period of time.

No matter ones faith, when we pray do we not expect to be heard?

It can be hard to believe the photos I post are what they are. I can't give you a rational explanation. Some things are not meant to understand. - defies logical explanation. I have nothing to fear. The snapshots are not illusions. They are beyond imagination - they are reality. They allow me to know I am on the right track and and give me the courage to continue in my quest for what is right.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Any suggestions what the symbolism might be for what appeared in the smoke???

It might mean snatching an innocent life force.

Could be a lizard licking its' young - nurturer

Lizard - gives visions in the sense of far-sightedness and the ability to create an acceptable furture.

Friday, September 16, 2011

White Woman - Fairy

Psychic Phenomena -- manifestation of the existence of spirits, ghost or anything which is extraordinary to the physical world.

WHITE WOMAN: (see Fairy)

Witte wieven literally means white women today, but "wise women" in dialects of the Low Saxon language of the Netherlands. The word witte in Dutch means white. Wit or witte meant "witty" or "wise", from the root word "weten" which means "to know." The word for wisdom was wijsheid. Witte wieven is often translated to be "white woman" (sources differ) as the words come from the same roots. The association of wise women with the color white was either an accidental translation error, or a symbolic color association for wisdom (sources differ).

Historically, the witte wieven are thought to be wise women, herbalists and medicine healers who took care of people's physical and mental ailments (wala in OHG). It was said they had the talent for prophecy and looking into the future. They had a high status in the communities, and so when they died ceremonies were held at their grave sites to honour them.

According to mythology, their spirits remained on earth, and they became living spirits (or elven beings) that either helped or hindered people who encountered them. They tended to reside in the burial sites or other sacred places. It was thought that mist on a gravehill was the spirit of the wise woman appearing, and people would bring them offerings and ask for help.

While many scholars believe Witte Wieven originated as above from honoring graves of wise women, others think the mythology of witte wieven come from part of the Germanic belief in disen, land wights, and/or alven (Old Dutch for "elf") for several reasons: The practice of bringing offerings and asking for help from their graves is very similar to honoring disen, land wights and alfen in Germanic paganism. In addition, in some localities the mythological witte wieven were described directly as "Alfen" or "Alven".

Jacob Grimm mentioned them in the Deutsche Mythologie (1835) as the Dutch variant of the Germanic weisse frauen: "The people of Friesland, Drenthe and the Netherlands have just as much to tell of their written wijven or juffers in hills and caverns ... though here they get mixed up with elvish personages."[1]

Fairies a host of supernatural beings and spirits who occupy a limbo between earth and heaven. Both good and evil, fairies have a various times in history, been blended and confused with witches.

Belief in fairies is universal and ancient, dating back to pagan deities. Fairies come in all shapes and sizes and are known by scores of names, among them brownie, elf, dwarf, troll, gnome, pooka, kobold, leprechaun and banshee. They exist in virtually all cultures but are most common in Europe and the British Isle.

Divination -- When there is no communication you don't know how much you've lost.

Fairy -- whether the form was of a pixies, gnomes, or just plain garden-variety fairies, these charming creatures, promise the materialization of your dearest wish when you least expect it.

Elf -- help from an unexpected, or even unknown, sources will be yours if you dreamed/or seen of these mystical, magical characters.

Face -- if smiling, it signifies pleasant new friends, experiences, and/or financial gains.

Woman -- it usually means that you will be fortunate in your love affairs.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


"Because it is sometimes so unbelievable the truth escapes becoming known." (Heraclitus circa, 500 BC)

To pretend that unnatural phenomena did not exist in the past, and do not occur with similar regularity today, is to deny historical fact and precedent. It denies children some of their rightful heritage. And, equally imporant, it also cast doubt upon the integrity of great many Canadians who have encountered manifestations.

Spirits and Ghost do exist - and we would be wise recognize this fact and to learn all that we can about the phenomena.

The June 19, 1972 edition of Time magazine summed up the hope for the future very well. It stated, "Perhaps, eventually, religion, science and magic could come mutually to respect and supplement one another. This is a fond vision, and one that is pinned to a fragile and perpetually unprovable faith; that the universe itself is a whole with purpose and promise beneath the mystery."

(Some Canadain Ghosts by Sheila Hervey published by Simon & Schuster of Canada, Ltd) Picture (c)2011AngieSkelhorn

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Power Animal or Totem Conjuration

On July 16, 2011, wearing black so that I would be difficult to notice, in an appropriate spot "within the confines of a remote location - high upon a hill " I sat quietly for a while with a white candle and tobacco before me. The night was clear and warm. By the light of the full moon, completely relaxed, I lit the wick, and then said -

I conjure thee, Spirit by the great living Sovereign Creator of all things, to appear under a comely form, without terror. I conjure thee by the virtue of all that is Holy and Sacred.

Around midnight I couldn't be more delighted to view in the tobacco smoke a bear. Bears are silent, swift and very protective of family.

Animals are used as spirit guides quite often or signs which must be paid attention to. Certain animals can be an indication what it is that we need to focus on in our personal healing at that moment in time. To see wild animals during spirit conjurations is generally a good omen pertaining to business, but the interpretation depends on their attitude; if they are calm your affairs will prosper, but if attacking, you can expect some reverses.

The summit of the Bear's power is in the spring and summer. S\he roused from inaction to become fully aware (conscious). The bear remains in a state of inactivity in the cold months, thus has come to represent introspection. This is the time to go within (hibernate) to examine experiences and emerge with answers. We contain within ourselves the answers to all our questions.

The bear teaches us to go within, and access the subconscious in order to blend intuition and instincts leading to attaining personal power. Your body often knows the truth before the mind does. Like the bear you have an inner sense. Your instinctive body response senses danger, pleasure and hope. It knows when to exercise caution, restraint, abandon, frivolity, grace, cunning. The Bear's lesson is to listen with your whole body.

Celtic Symbolism of Bear - a creature of dreams, astral travel, visionaries, mystics and shamans. The person of bear power animal or totem has a determined ally in spiritual work, loyal and utterly dependable. When you have a Bear Spirit, you are being guided to a leadership role. You must be fearless in defending your beliefs.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Materialization and Symbols of Magic:

Change is the death of an old situation (experience) and the birth of a new one. Change is the essence of life. Everything changes, and choice decides the outcome. When change is forced on us sometimes we can be pushed to the limits. Our emotions have the power to hamper progress. It can take time for the logical mind to wrap around what is taking place. So many thoughts surround what has, is and might happen to accept change.

Today if I do nothing else I embrace change. What's done is done and I handled the situation the best I could. I can't change what has happened but vow to choose never to react that way again for I've experienced an outcome I didn't desire.

June 15, 2011 I sat on a willow tree stump gazing at the Full Moon. I was feeling a lot of different emotions trying to adjust to changes in my life. I asked my Spirit Guide for assistance. I offer tobacco smoke to Spirit so they can manipulate the substance to appear or give symbols to open the subconscious. Symbols are psychological tools of discovery. Each holds hidden meanings to open the subconscious. The tool is used for exploration to trigger the mind to release hidden thoughts to discover a solution or answer sought.

The unseen do convey answers.

A male's face appeared with the letter "M" close by and very clear. A face generally means a friend. Strong and upright reveals a man-reliable, helpful and loyal, a visitor coming soon. The initial "M" nearby revealed who. I was pleased to know positive forces are entering the situation.

You can do this divination for yourself because each person's intuition and magnetism (the power of attraction, the ability to attract or charm) will enable you to pick out the images that have meaning.

Interpret the shapes as symbols of what's coming to you in the near future. When reading the symbols remember that the more definite the symbols are the more quickly, as a rule, things will happen.

* On July 21, 2011, I had a job interview with a friendly man and was hired to work for a family with a capital M.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Magic Circle -

There are positive and negative energies in all of us. I like to believe there is more positive intent in people than those who would cause havoc. In the Spirit world there are also positive and negative enties. Invisible beings who want the best for humans and those who want to manipulate and control.

A magic circle is never ending, never undone. A circle has no beginning and no end, a powerful symbol of eternity.

In witchcraft, designing a circle, a wise woman creates a temple to summon, contain, and direct energies in a safe space from harm. It is wise to draw a circle, which has the power to banish evil spirits. The ring is often used for luck and protection.

Physical objects like thirteen stones, flowers petals, feathers, leaves and more may be used. Athame is a wise woman's ritual knife. It is usually has a double-edged blade and a black handle. The athame is used to direct personal power during ritual working. The knife is not used for actual physical cutting.

To create a circle with an athame stand facing east and keep feet inside the intended ring. Hold the athame in your left hand at waist level and stretch your arm out from your body piercing the air. Begin to walk clockwise and imagine your positive energy flowing out of your body and the tip of the blade to create an image of a circle.

Once the circle is cast, sit or stand to meet your Spirit Guide and connect to the web of invisible energies with magic you preform.

Everything in the universe is made up of light energy, always moving at its own pace. Energy flows like radar beams. Inside the circle the ritual you perform allows your want or need to connect with a beam to attract an opportunity for you to achieve a goal.

The energy of the mind is the same energy that charges the universe. How many times did you think of someone or think you needed something and it appeared. We all have the ability to channel and direct energy flow through out mind and body.

To close the circle, depart in peace with your Spirit Guide. Spirit never really leaves your side. The energy is more connected when you are inside the circle.

Stand facing east and pierce the athame into the circle to draw the energy back into your body. This time walk widdershins, anti-clockwise motion, imagining the energy flowing into the tip of the blade, your hand, racing up your arm, to disperse inside your frame.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Salt of the Earth -

Salt is pure in its whiteness, long linked to life and health. In neo-Pagan Witchcraft, salt is used as an agent of purification, to ward off negative influences. Salt represents the element earth and is a staple in magic and worship.

Salt is vital to the maintenance of life and, in the eyes of former generations, apparently magical in its properties of food preservation and evaporation, salt has been highly valued for centuries.

Salt is reputed to have considerable power as a protective against evil influences. According to time-honoured superstition, salt had considerable potency as a defence against evil spirits and was loathed by them because of its association with holiness. If salt was spilled this was considered almost blasphemous and likely to attract the attention of negative energies. Tossing a pinch of the spilled salt over the left shoulder, however, was reputed to drive away the malevolent energies.

An utter of a curse against a person - one defence was to hurl after them a handful of salt, which would negate the effects of any ill-wishing.

Bathing a newborn children in salty water was recommended as a sure way to protect them from negative entities.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Believe -

Some kinds of beings (Spirits) can not be seen with your sharp eyes...nor can they be stalked or hunted by common wo/man.

To witness them one must first see beyond our physical world into the Otherworld where they dwell.

See not only with your eyes, but with your spirit as well.

*Jinn: Arabian spirits who ruled the earth for a thousand years before Adam. They can make themselves either visible or invisible and often assume the form of an animal.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Seek and You Shall Find -

( An old Pagan rhyme orgin unknown)

The moon makes thirteen trips around Earth during the course of a year. A witch's ritual occurring on the full moon is known as Esbat. It is a prime time for the most Spiritual World Access.

During the Wolf Moon on January 18, 2011 lunar energies were reaching a peak. This was the appropriate lunar phase for communication with Spirit and divination. My friend and I bundled in warm clothing on this quiet night walked slowly down the hill as the winter snow was falling, the winds were peaceful, the temperature dipping way below zero under the full moon as we talked about our lives.

We stopped halfway up to the top of the hill. I removed from my coat pocket the digital camera I brought. Beside me, my friend took the photographs. During the photography session I spoke to Spirit as I offered tobacco smoke.

All was calm as I said, "I so wish to commune with Spirit, my adviser for special wisdom. Spirit Guide, hear my call, on this most magical night. If it is your will release to me that which you want me to know."

When all was said and done I checked each picture frame for insight into my life.

A supernatural act occurred. I was informed of an event that may occur in my life. I focused on the image of a baby a symbol for fortunate through the help of friends. I determined the good omen to be either a real baby is on the way, or the birth of a new business or home.

Some will agree and some will disagree. Decide for yourself what it is or what it isn't in the picture and the symbolic meaning.


Monday, January 3, 2011

We pray and honour Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides, the Sun and the Moon to ask for blessings for important endeavors. Ancestral Spirits keep a close watch on their descendants. Spirits make contact with human beings to help work out their destinies.

Our spirit helpers are normally invisible. They are with us to protect and guide. We are given positive and negative choices (opportunities) in life to experience. Free-will decides our outcome.

Most people who know me are aware I offer tobacco smoke to Spirits so they can manipulate the substance to appear or give symbols to open the subconscious. Symbols are psychological tools of discovery. Each holds hidden meanings to open the subconscious. The tool is used for exploration to trigger the mind to release hidden thoughts to discover a solution or answer sought.

On New Year's Eve I went for a walk, offered tobacco smoke and took a few pictures. I see a calf's head in the first picture. Living on a farm and walking in the hay field I am not surprised to see a calf's head. In the second a buck with large antlers and below that a man with a beard.