Thursday, August 25, 2011


"Because it is sometimes so unbelievable the truth escapes becoming known." (Heraclitus circa, 500 BC)

To pretend that unnatural phenomena did not exist in the past, and do not occur with similar regularity today, is to deny historical fact and precedent. It denies children some of their rightful heritage. And, equally imporant, it also cast doubt upon the integrity of great many Canadians who have encountered manifestations.

Spirits and Ghost do exist - and we would be wise recognize this fact and to learn all that we can about the phenomena.

The June 19, 1972 edition of Time magazine summed up the hope for the future very well. It stated, "Perhaps, eventually, religion, science and magic could come mutually to respect and supplement one another. This is a fond vision, and one that is pinned to a fragile and perpetually unprovable faith; that the universe itself is a whole with purpose and promise beneath the mystery."

(Some Canadain Ghosts by Sheila Hervey published by Simon & Schuster of Canada, Ltd) Picture (c)2011AngieSkelhorn

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