Thursday, November 24, 2011

Everyone has an opinion

Magic Natural -
Magic is divided into two known branches: the one is infamous and composed of the spell of unclean spirits and orginates from a wicked curiosity which the wisest Greeks called Goetia or Theurgia and to which everything is hostile; like those who excite charms, ghosts or illusions of which suddenly there is no trace.

The other, by a similar asseration, is natural...This magic, which has and gives the contemplation of things which lie unapprehended and the quality, propriety, and knowledge of everything natural, to the peak of all philosophy.

It also teaches that with the help of others and by mutual and timely application, it carries out the works which the world esteems as miracles.
J.B. Parta, Natural Magic, Anvers, 1561, pg. 92

Magic pertaining to, used in, magic: possessing marvellous qualities or causing wonderful or startling results; by means of union with spirits.
Webster's Dictionary Banner Press, Pg. 296

Magic (from Persian priests), practice of manipulating course of nature by supernatural means. It is based on the belief that unseen forces which permeate all things populate the universe and that control of them gives man control over nature. Magic frequently combines within its scope elements religion. Its aim (using and changing nature) approximates that of science, an outgrowth of magic. The practice of magic is held to depend uopn the proper use of both ritual and spell. Amulets and imitative acts (e.g., fertility rights based on analogy between plant and human generation) are also used. Almost all ancient people believed in magic. Those who practiced black magic (malevolent) magic are called sorcerers and witches. Many present-day superstitions are remnants of pagan magic, and powers is still extant.
The Columbia - Viking Desk Encyclopedia Third Edition,Viking Press Pg. 648 (1953, 1960, 196, by Columbia University Press)

Magic is the art of effecting change through an external and supernormal force. Man's awareness of magic and his efforts to use it to enhance his place in his environment are ancient and universal and have been a part of all religious systems. The earliest evidence of magic dates from cave paintings of the Paleolithic Age, some of which suggest that magic rituals were emploed to secure sucessful hunts.
The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft Rosemary Ellen Guiley Pg. 213

The use of a certain ritual action to bring about the intervention of a supernatural force, either in human affairs or in the natural environment, for a specific purpose. Magic has existed universally since ancient times and varies in form from primary rituals involving the well-being of an entire community to minor, peripheral, private acts of magic. All forms of magic are traditionally secret arts taught only to initiates, although in some cultures magical knowledge can sometimes be bought and sold or can be passed on through inheritance. A distinction is usually made between Black Magic, used destructively to bring misfortune or death, and White Magic, which is used to ward off such attacks as well as to prevent natural calamities. In itself magic is not good or evil - it is the magician's intentions that makes the difference.
Geddes & Grosset Dictionary of the Occult copy right 1996

Friday, November 18, 2011

Does It Exist?

I watched the show My Ghost Story on Bio. Most guests on the show telling their stories spoke of fearful tales. In the last fifteen minutes of the program an older gentleman told of his experiences with the unseen on his property. He had a fuzzy snapshot of a little girl skipping across the lawn. He believed she is the young girl who died in the house when she stepped too close to a fire and she and her dress went up in flames. Also he has a picture of a woman dressed in period wear walking the grounds.

Like me, he isn't afraid of what he sees. He believes as I do - ghosts and spirits have the power to come and go. A ghost feels entitled to the place they dwell or visit to bring peace to family and friends in solving their earthly demise. They like to hang out at the places and close to the people who made them happiest. Spirits are around us to protect and guide.

Ghost is a general term which refers to the visible spirit of a former person. Spirits is the term used for souls of the dead, whether active or not.

Most people are afraid of the unseen. They are more afraid of what they don't understand than the entities themselves.

The "occult" science is that branch of learning, searching for things not yet known to all - the hidden facts of life. Rather than being a word to be shunned occult is a word that attracts the thinking. Our spiritual nature cries out that we seek the things we don't understand. (Mysterious secrets give wisdom to the wise, but entangle the minds of fools)

I am a Canadian writer, practicing Witch and Spiritualist who also divines with Tarot and ordinary playing cards. The cards, as well as messages from Spirit assist to connect to the information I need for myself and hopefully inspire others. My only desire is to share with you what works for me.

Witchcraft and Spiritualism gave me a chance to take my life in a whole new direction. Remarkable improvement took place in my life. I enjoy life more and that is a good thing. My family is important to me. I have only a few friends, but they’re very loyal. There might be a slight setback, but the overall results are positive.

Doing the right thing, patience spurred on by ambition, makes life easy for me. I live my life surrounded by people who care about my well-being while doing the things I like to do. (Positive responses one takes attracts positive results)

Because I couldn't understand or accept all the injustices around me I became an angry and fractured soul. Once I embraced a Higher Power and started talking I disposed the problems ( problems are a necessary stage to purification). (We all want to be loved - We all want to be heard)

Life isn't perfect. Life can be really unfair. We all suffer a run of bad luck or illness. Slowly and gradually life will change for the better. Most problems will dissipate into thin air. The bad times fade. It takes courage to make the changes in your life to claim your life. Sometimes we need help and support to do the right thing - kindness - disposed or mutual understanding to do good to others (In ye harm none do as ye will).

When I pray I speak out loud in a polite and respectful manner to my Spirit Guide and Grandfather. As I apply my own natural talent and effort as well as positive invisible forces supporting my destiny, heaven-sent people, new places, and unique opportunities appear like never before. I'm not pushed or agitated by the whims of others for a long period of time.

No matter ones faith, when we pray do we not expect to be heard?

It can be hard to believe the photos I post are what they are. I can't give you a rational explanation. Some things are not meant to understand. - defies logical explanation. I have nothing to fear. The snapshots are not illusions. They are beyond imagination - they are reality. They allow me to know I am on the right track and and give me the courage to continue in my quest for what is right.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Any suggestions what the symbolism might be for what appeared in the smoke???

It might mean snatching an innocent life force.

Could be a lizard licking its' young - nurturer

Lizard - gives visions in the sense of far-sightedness and the ability to create an acceptable furture.