Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shamanic Practice

Most people find the shamanic practices of Native Americans so similar to Witchcraft. Shamanism -- it is spirit - earth - based ancient cultural beliefs. Shamans (wise women, medicine women) were called upon to mediate between mortals and spirits. They would ask spirits to provide or predict during both light and dark periods. Peoples held festivals to celebrate planting, growing, and harvesting, and thus acknowledge the spirits. The most powerful spirits were associated with constant aspects of nature: day and night or light and dark, the Sun and the Moon, the four seasons, and the aurora borealis. Conflict could arise between the extremes-for example, betweenday and night or ice and fire. Some event might mean that the spirits are at peace and in accord with nature. Others could be interpreted as challenges to the natural order-influenced by evil spirits.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Invocation - - - Evocation

There is a definite difference between Invocation and Evocation in a Magical sense. Invocation means to call or invite in; Evocation means to call or demand forth. Invocation you are kindly inviting a spirit to come forth, join and bless you at anytime and anywhere. Evocation you are taking a risk when demanding a response. Evocation always takes place within the confines of a circle (supreme symbol of protection).
Throughout history magic has been tied to tradition. Witches worked their spells that had been handed down from their ancestors or what they thought would approximate lost magic rituals. A creative witch will combine with traditional elements their own special magical words and spells, those that have meaning for their purposes.
MAGIC MAKING --- 1. Privacy, 2. A Circle, 3. Prayer - Invocation/Evocation in written form, 4. 3 sticks of incense and powdered incense -fairly large amout - spirits need a material essence to manifest in, or 5. Smoke - capable of supporting a visible manifestation, 6. Call out the name of the spirit (or say Spirit Guides) you are invoking or evoking, clearly and cofidently three times,
7. When there is ample smoke if you can't visibly see shapes or images, take a snapshot with a camera. Do not leave the circle till you are finished talking or asing questions. Try not to ask more than three questions during one sitting. The answers can become confussing. 8. Thank your Guide for their knowledge, and then say farewell. 9. Close your circle.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Conjuration is the practice of raising spirits by means of carefully formulated rituals. These rituals take many different forms, many of them described in the GRIMOIRES - a general name given to a variety of texts setting out the names of spirits, along with instructions for raising them to do ones' bidding. In conjuring spirits, the witch (wiccan) generally both writes and recites the incantations.
"I salute and conjure you, O beautiful Moon, O Spirit Guides. By the breath within me, by the earth which I touch, I conjure you'"
When the spirit has finally appeared , the spirit must be discharged. "Go in peace unto your places; may peace be with you, and be ready to come whenever I shall call upon you. In the name of all that is good - Blesssed Be.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Choosing a Path

SYMBOLS are the way the universe communicates with each of us. It is how our Spirit Guides guide us through the darkness. We have symbols and signs around us every day. No symbol is as powerful as numbers. Numbers are especially potent as both symbols of the universe and signs in your life.

Certain numbers, particularly single figures, have always been considered to have magical significance. In ancient times, the science of numerology allowed divination of the future through the use of numbers.

The number 6 has a mixed reputation and represents creation. In Judaeo-Christian symbolism, it is associated with the six pointed star of David. People born on the sixth day of the month will enjoyvprophetic gifts.


Number 6, which creates all kinds of opportunities for gain, understanding and success in life.

6 of hearts - this is a great card for going the extra mile for something you really want.
6 of clubs - represents work you need to complete in certain area of your life. It is the about procrastinating.
6 of diamonds - creativity at an all time high, an intense time - must keep up with the demands.
6 of spades - a need to have a final say - a rare opportunity to fix what went wrong and make it right.

As Card Number 6 of the Tarot says, you have to make a choice. In fact, it’s very simple. Will you make the right decision and act?

THE LOVERS: This is card number 6 of the Tarot. It represents a choice you have to make in life. The positive aspects of this card are its sincerity, and the many solutions it will place on your path to attain success and happiness.

This is a very difficult situation, since you’re being influenced by two opposing forces at the same time. On the one hand you don’t want to change anything in your life, because a veil of illusion is preventing you from taking advantage of any opportunities for Luck, Love and Money that arise. On the other hand, your entire being is crying out for freedom and change.

Clearly, the Lovers don't help your self-confidence, and are constantly asking you to look left, right and center with hesitation before every decision, and thus slow you down at every turn. Well, it looks like you won't break any speed records, but keep going anyway!

At The Lovers, one must decide for herself upon a belief system between vice and virtue. The Lovers is ruled by Gemini, the mind, element air, mental. Zodiac sign Gemini whose activities include faith, responsibilities, siblings and neighbors.

The Lovers, one must determine her own values and right action. She must choose to do what’s true for her, questioning others’ opinions to remain on her path to become an individual. One has a strong identity and a certain confidence about her which allows her to move forward with control over her environment.

The major Arcana number 6, the card known as 'The Lovers.' This means that a chance to meet someone very important is coming your way in the next few days.

The possibility for a meeting that could change your whole life. This is very strong possibility for a cosmic or karmic meeting in the near future. The details don't really matter, what's important to know is that life could change radically and entirely for the better.

The energy of Card Number 6 will be protecting you for the next 12 months, life is going to spoil you with opportunities to make changes in the areas you’re most concerned with.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bless the Soul


Death is indeed natural. To bring comfort to your fear of your final departure look upon it as an adventure; supposing there is something there; if not, then you'll feel nothing, it'll just be a long dreamless sleep.

Some people say death is the only thing we can be sure of attaining on our own. It's a very personal thing death. Some are afraid of dying alone, because when they come to think about it they can't die any other way - you go out on your own or do you?

Witches, for the most part, believe that we are much more than the physical body. We are spiritually immortal by design - an immortal energy. It is the basic fabric of who we are. The universe is infinite. And because we are part of the universe, and embody the universe within, we, too, are infinite. Witches believe that the spirit continues with the rest of the infinite universe. We may change and become something quite different in form, but we continue.

I understand every living thing in their earthly form has an expiry date. What haunts me is how my friend died. I truly needed to know he was okay. On the Friday morning after he passed at 6:30am I stood outside and cried out for him to appear. My heart believes the closest orb is my friend and the one further back his guide.

After our visits I would hug my friend and tell him I loved him. We would wave good bye to each other until the doors to his ward closed. The top picture was taken during the Full Moon on February 7, 2012 while I spoke to him. To me the picture is of Jack smiling and waving just like he did when he was in his earthly form.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Totems - tree, animal, ancestor

According to Druidic doctrine, we have an attraction to a specific tree, animal or ancestor. These totems are already part of our being.

TOTEMS - a type of plant, animal or object chosen and treated with superstitious respect as the symbol of an intimate and mysterious relationship.

I have an attraction to oak trees, wolves and my grandfathers. In my childhood, in the farmyard near the big barn grew the strong spread of oak ansd maple trees. I would climb as close as possible to the highest boughs pointed to the sky with a canopy of green above me and sit for hours with my imagination.

In my later years a spell which involved an oak tree and acorns introduced me to the Druidic Tradition.

My Dad's dad owned a German Shepherd dog named Duke, that resemble a Timber wolf. The wolf perhaps the most feared in terms of superstition because back in the day they were feared for attacking wild, domestic animals and humans alike. Humans are high on the food chain. It is our responsibility for prevention of waste of human's physical environment, including wildlife, timber, fertile topsoil, and pasture according to the Conservation of Natural Resources. We need to find the compromise to co-habitat. We need to be fair.

As far back as I can remember I've been fascinated by the sharp, yellow intense stare of the wolf. It's amazing the eyes speak without the wolf saying word.

When I open the book of my memories to the good times I've experienced the Sunday visits at my mother's parents farm in the peace of the countryside always warms my heart. My uncle and his family owned garden centre were just a few steps away. Back then family life was strong, simple and modest. It was all about parents and their children and the country way. When I was a small child during the warm summer days surrounded by the haunts of birds, other wild creatures, domestic animals, large trees and sculptured landscapes my brothers, sisters, cousins and I played.

The image of coffee brewed and the older generation sharing knowledge with the younger generation around my grandparent's kitchen table was a familiar sight. My uncles would come and go discussing livestock, planting, harvest or equipment that needed repair. My grandmother, mother and aunts spoke of our lifestyle. At the head of the table sat my granddad.

My granddad was an elderly man who had endured a hard life when he died. As a young girl I attended his funeral. His dying brought out many people. It was a sad
day. Sorrow was shared.

The special bond between tree - oak, animal - wolf, and ancestor - grandfathers have their roots that go deep into my personal history.

The reason I believe this likeness in the smoke is that of my mother's father is because of the widow's peak (hair style), nose and strong chin.

Sunday, January 8, 2012