Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Magic Circle -

There are positive and negative energies in all of us. I like to believe there is more positive intent in people than those who would cause havoc. In the Spirit world there are also positive and negative enties. Invisible beings who want the best for humans and those who want to manipulate and control.

A magic circle is never ending, never undone. A circle has no beginning and no end, a powerful symbol of eternity.

In witchcraft, designing a circle, a wise woman creates a temple to summon, contain, and direct energies in a safe space from harm. It is wise to draw a circle, which has the power to banish evil spirits. The ring is often used for luck and protection.

Physical objects like thirteen stones, flowers petals, feathers, leaves and more may be used. Athame is a wise woman's ritual knife. It is usually has a double-edged blade and a black handle. The athame is used to direct personal power during ritual working. The knife is not used for actual physical cutting.

To create a circle with an athame stand facing east and keep feet inside the intended ring. Hold the athame in your left hand at waist level and stretch your arm out from your body piercing the air. Begin to walk clockwise and imagine your positive energy flowing out of your body and the tip of the blade to create an image of a circle.

Once the circle is cast, sit or stand to meet your Spirit Guide and connect to the web of invisible energies with magic you preform.

Everything in the universe is made up of light energy, always moving at its own pace. Energy flows like radar beams. Inside the circle the ritual you perform allows your want or need to connect with a beam to attract an opportunity for you to achieve a goal.

The energy of the mind is the same energy that charges the universe. How many times did you think of someone or think you needed something and it appeared. We all have the ability to channel and direct energy flow through out mind and body.

To close the circle, depart in peace with your Spirit Guide. Spirit never really leaves your side. The energy is more connected when you are inside the circle.

Stand facing east and pierce the athame into the circle to draw the energy back into your body. This time walk widdershins, anti-clockwise motion, imagining the energy flowing into the tip of the blade, your hand, racing up your arm, to disperse inside your frame.