Monday, January 24, 2011

Seek and You Shall Find -

( An old Pagan rhyme orgin unknown)

The moon makes thirteen trips around Earth during the course of a year. A witch's ritual occurring on the full moon is known as Esbat. It is a prime time for the most Spiritual World Access.

During the Wolf Moon on January 18, 2011 lunar energies were reaching a peak. This was the appropriate lunar phase for communication with Spirit and divination. My friend and I bundled in warm clothing on this quiet night walked slowly down the hill as the winter snow was falling, the winds were peaceful, the temperature dipping way below zero under the full moon as we talked about our lives.

We stopped halfway up to the top of the hill. I removed from my coat pocket the digital camera I brought. Beside me, my friend took the photographs. During the photography session I spoke to Spirit as I offered tobacco smoke.

All was calm as I said, "I so wish to commune with Spirit, my adviser for special wisdom. Spirit Guide, hear my call, on this most magical night. If it is your will release to me that which you want me to know."

When all was said and done I checked each picture frame for insight into my life.

A supernatural act occurred. I was informed of an event that may occur in my life. I focused on the image of a baby a symbol for fortunate through the help of friends. I determined the good omen to be either a real baby is on the way, or the birth of a new business or home.

Some will agree and some will disagree. Decide for yourself what it is or what it isn't in the picture and the symbolic meaning.


Monday, January 3, 2011

We pray and honour Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides, the Sun and the Moon to ask for blessings for important endeavors. Ancestral Spirits keep a close watch on their descendants. Spirits make contact with human beings to help work out their destinies.

Our spirit helpers are normally invisible. They are with us to protect and guide. We are given positive and negative choices (opportunities) in life to experience. Free-will decides our outcome.

Most people who know me are aware I offer tobacco smoke to Spirits so they can manipulate the substance to appear or give symbols to open the subconscious. Symbols are psychological tools of discovery. Each holds hidden meanings to open the subconscious. The tool is used for exploration to trigger the mind to release hidden thoughts to discover a solution or answer sought.

On New Year's Eve I went for a walk, offered tobacco smoke and took a few pictures. I see a calf's head in the first picture. Living on a farm and walking in the hay field I am not surprised to see a calf's head. In the second a buck with large antlers and below that a man with a beard.