Sunday, June 26, 2011

Materialization and Symbols of Magic:

Change is the death of an old situation (experience) and the birth of a new one. Change is the essence of life. Everything changes, and choice decides the outcome. When change is forced on us sometimes we can be pushed to the limits. Our emotions have the power to hamper progress. It can take time for the logical mind to wrap around what is taking place. So many thoughts surround what has, is and might happen to accept change.

Today if I do nothing else I embrace change. What's done is done and I handled the situation the best I could. I can't change what has happened but vow to choose never to react that way again for I've experienced an outcome I didn't desire.

June 15, 2011 I sat on a willow tree stump gazing at the Full Moon. I was feeling a lot of different emotions trying to adjust to changes in my life. I asked my Spirit Guide for assistance. I offer tobacco smoke to Spirit so they can manipulate the substance to appear or give symbols to open the subconscious. Symbols are psychological tools of discovery. Each holds hidden meanings to open the subconscious. The tool is used for exploration to trigger the mind to release hidden thoughts to discover a solution or answer sought.

The unseen do convey answers.

A male's face appeared with the letter "M" close by and very clear. A face generally means a friend. Strong and upright reveals a man-reliable, helpful and loyal, a visitor coming soon. The initial "M" nearby revealed who. I was pleased to know positive forces are entering the situation.

You can do this divination for yourself because each person's intuition and magnetism (the power of attraction, the ability to attract or charm) will enable you to pick out the images that have meaning.

Interpret the shapes as symbols of what's coming to you in the near future. When reading the symbols remember that the more definite the symbols are the more quickly, as a rule, things will happen.

* On July 21, 2011, I had a job interview with a friendly man and was hired to work for a family with a capital M.