Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Invocation - - - Evocation

There is a definite difference between Invocation and Evocation in a Magical sense. Invocation means to call or invite in; Evocation means to call or demand forth. Invocation you are kindly inviting a spirit to come forth, join and bless you at anytime and anywhere. Evocation you are taking a risk when demanding a response. Evocation always takes place within the confines of a circle (supreme symbol of protection).
Throughout history magic has been tied to tradition. Witches worked their spells that had been handed down from their ancestors or what they thought would approximate lost magic rituals. A creative witch will combine with traditional elements their own special magical words and spells, those that have meaning for their purposes.
MAGIC MAKING --- 1. Privacy, 2. A Circle, 3. Prayer - Invocation/Evocation in written form, 4. 3 sticks of incense and powdered incense -fairly large amout - spirits need a material essence to manifest in, or 5. Smoke - capable of supporting a visible manifestation, 6. Call out the name of the spirit (or say Spirit Guides) you are invoking or evoking, clearly and cofidently three times,
7. When there is ample smoke if you can't visibly see shapes or images, take a snapshot with a camera. Do not leave the circle till you are finished talking or asing questions. Try not to ask more than three questions during one sitting. The answers can become confussing. 8. Thank your Guide for their knowledge, and then say farewell. 9. Close your circle.