Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Choosing a Path

SYMBOLS are the way the universe communicates with each of us. It is how our Spirit Guides guide us through the darkness. We have symbols and signs around us every day. No symbol is as powerful as numbers. Numbers are especially potent as both symbols of the universe and signs in your life.

Certain numbers, particularly single figures, have always been considered to have magical significance. In ancient times, the science of numerology allowed divination of the future through the use of numbers.

The number 6 has a mixed reputation and represents creation. In Judaeo-Christian symbolism, it is associated with the six pointed star of David. People born on the sixth day of the month will enjoyvprophetic gifts.


Number 6, which creates all kinds of opportunities for gain, understanding and success in life.

6 of hearts - this is a great card for going the extra mile for something you really want.
6 of clubs - represents work you need to complete in certain area of your life. It is the about procrastinating.
6 of diamonds - creativity at an all time high, an intense time - must keep up with the demands.
6 of spades - a need to have a final say - a rare opportunity to fix what went wrong and make it right.

As Card Number 6 of the Tarot says, you have to make a choice. In fact, it’s very simple. Will you make the right decision and act?

THE LOVERS: This is card number 6 of the Tarot. It represents a choice you have to make in life. The positive aspects of this card are its sincerity, and the many solutions it will place on your path to attain success and happiness.

This is a very difficult situation, since you’re being influenced by two opposing forces at the same time. On the one hand you don’t want to change anything in your life, because a veil of illusion is preventing you from taking advantage of any opportunities for Luck, Love and Money that arise. On the other hand, your entire being is crying out for freedom and change.

Clearly, the Lovers don't help your self-confidence, and are constantly asking you to look left, right and center with hesitation before every decision, and thus slow you down at every turn. Well, it looks like you won't break any speed records, but keep going anyway!

At The Lovers, one must decide for herself upon a belief system between vice and virtue. The Lovers is ruled by Gemini, the mind, element air, mental. Zodiac sign Gemini whose activities include faith, responsibilities, siblings and neighbors.

The Lovers, one must determine her own values and right action. She must choose to do what’s true for her, questioning others’ opinions to remain on her path to become an individual. One has a strong identity and a certain confidence about her which allows her to move forward with control over her environment.

The major Arcana number 6, the card known as 'The Lovers.' This means that a chance to meet someone very important is coming your way in the next few days.

The possibility for a meeting that could change your whole life. This is very strong possibility for a cosmic or karmic meeting in the near future. The details don't really matter, what's important to know is that life could change radically and entirely for the better.

The energy of Card Number 6 will be protecting you for the next 12 months, life is going to spoil you with opportunities to make changes in the areas you’re most concerned with.

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