Thursday, February 24, 2011

Salt of the Earth -

Salt is pure in its whiteness, long linked to life and health. In neo-Pagan Witchcraft, salt is used as an agent of purification, to ward off negative influences. Salt represents the element earth and is a staple in magic and worship.

Salt is vital to the maintenance of life and, in the eyes of former generations, apparently magical in its properties of food preservation and evaporation, salt has been highly valued for centuries.

Salt is reputed to have considerable power as a protective against evil influences. According to time-honoured superstition, salt had considerable potency as a defence against evil spirits and was loathed by them because of its association with holiness. If salt was spilled this was considered almost blasphemous and likely to attract the attention of negative energies. Tossing a pinch of the spilled salt over the left shoulder, however, was reputed to drive away the malevolent energies.

An utter of a curse against a person - one defence was to hurl after them a handful of salt, which would negate the effects of any ill-wishing.

Bathing a newborn children in salty water was recommended as a sure way to protect them from negative entities.

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