Saturday, November 28, 2009


I would like to thank my family and friends who surrounded me
with good wishes, love and laughter on my Birthday")

Born November 24, I am a Sagittarius-known as the element
Fire. My mother says she could see from her hospital bed
the sky ablaze the night I entered the world. ( Bury plywood
plant burnt down on this evening.)

BIRTHDAYS hold special significance in our lives. Where ever
a birthday falls on the calender, the date marks the start of each
individuals "New Year."

The new day itself is a beginning mixed with magical energy to
start new projects, make big moves and receive support and
recognition because everyone is naturally attune to your Sun

In the year long rhythm there are two "down" times. The month
before your birthday when you could be depressed and depleted,
and then six months from your birthday when you feel at odds
with everyone.

The critical points come about three months to the day after
your birthday. Six months to the day after that and nine
months to the day after that. We begin a new personal year
three months later when the sun will return to the exact point
in the sky when each person was born.

If you become attune to your natural personal year rhythms,
you may be able to understand your emotions and actions to
harmonize your life.

Lucky days to be born upon include the first day of the month,
year or a cycle of the moon.

To cry on your birthday you will cry every day of the coming

Lighting candles on a birthday cake, usually one for each year
is derived from ancient Greek custom. The traditional lighting
of candles on a birthday cake symbolizes good luck and health
for the coming year. If the candles are blown out with a single
breath while making a wish will surely come true if refuse to
divulge the wish.


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