Sunday, March 14, 2010


I saw my first episode of Ghost Lab and was less than impressed.

Can you inagine when you are most active someone entering your home with all their gizmos and gadgets and demand their wants- Do this! Do that! Appear and preform for some sort of amusement.

Better yet, command you move away from your residence. I don't believe you'd be too happy.

If you demand something from anyone in the earthly world you'd recieve the same
response - nothing.

I'm not going to argue if Spirits are real. To me it's ridiculeus to deny their existance. There is more than enough documented proof Spirits have appeared over and over in many forms. Spirits are just part of the all mighty universe. Not separate from.

If you are going to so-call Ghost-bust, demanding things from them as if it is your right, my message is to remember your manners and have something worthwhile to say or ask for.

Have a meeting of the minds.

Treat the Spirit you want to see or hear from as on old friend visiting or making first time aquaintance.

Don't be rude when requesting a sight of an appritation. You might be granted a glimpse between the veil of the seen and unseen worlds. A Spirit may whisper the answer sought softly in your ear.


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