Monday, October 26, 2009

Samhain - Time For Apple Magic

Apple tress that produce blossoms and fruit simultaneously
were one of the features of the Celtic paradise. Avalon, the
paradise to which King Arthur was called, was probably
named after the Welsh word afal. meaning apple. The apple
has always been particularly associated with love and marriage.

Several of the most widely known Halloween's divination
rituals related to apples.

If you want to know the initial of your true loves first name
twist the stalk once for each letter of the alphabet: the stalk
will snap at the right letter.

Place a apple seed representing a potential partner in a hot fire
while saying: 'If you love me, bounce and fly, if you dislike me,
lie and die', and then observing what happens, might produce
the required answer.

If a girl stands before a mirror while eating an apple and combing
her hair at midnight, her future husband's image will be reflected
in the glass over her left shoulder.

At midnight cut an apple into nine pieces, each of which must
be stuck on the point of the knife and held over the left shoulder,
her future husband's image will appear.

Peel an apple in one long piece, and toss the peel over the left shoulder
or into a bowel of water, one will be able to read the first initial of their
future partner's name in the the shape assumed by the discarded peel.

An apple peel hung on a nail by the front door and the initials of the
first man to enter will be the same as those of the unknown lover.

The game of ducking apples: without using their hands, children attempt
to take bites out of apples floating in a bowl of water or suspended on
strings The child is fated to marry the owner of the apple they managed
to bite. The chlidren take their apple to bed and sleeps with the apple under
their pillow so as to receive a vision.



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