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Why Are Spirits Among Us?

Since the beginning of recorded time almost all people have believed in some form of an after life. Primitive hunting bands that roamed earth believed in immortality of the vital spirit. Most intentionally buried their dead with various tools, personal belongings, and offerings suggesting the belief in life after death. The Egyptians may have mummified their dead bodies so their spirit would recognize their earthly bodies and unite with their wealth and position.

The Sumerian civilization, closest to the truth, had an awareness of the partnership with other living things. They prayed and honoured Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides, the Sun and the Moon to ask for blessings for important endeavours-hunting, gardening, pregnancy and warfare. Ancestral Spirits kept a close watch on their descendants. Spirits made contact with human beings to help work out their destinies.

There are a number of views where and what happens to the immortal spirit after physical death. There are too many stories from the ancient people and the sacred text of different faiths to document. I don't know if the after life can be described in earthly terms. I can't remember infancy and most of my childhood. That doesn't mean this stage of my life cycle didn't happen.

Death of the physical body is not the end of all living things. Death is a transition, a change in being. Our commitment with Spirit Guides over time has drifted apart. The bond has been weakened. People have been conditioned to listen more to their sense of reason.

Earth is far from filled with happy and healthy people. Generations of free will has created the state the planet and ourselves are in today. Self interest activities and other serious wrongdoings have thrown life into conditions we experience today.

In an overly critical environment instability is created on every level. People have a lot of unanswered questions. Most are trying to figure out who they are and wondering if this is it. A brief life span with family and a few good friends, a job, a home, and then dying?

More and more people are unhappy living through trials and tribulations to survive. Sometimes good things in life are hard to find. People need hope. In the face of personal problems or difficulties, to make sense of it all, human beings are returning to their spiritual roots.

Human beings have natural need to connect with one another and spirit (higher power).

Mediums from the highest and greater good interpret messages sent straight from spirit. The information given is what is needed to know, not what one wants to know. Spirit will tell what's coming and give insight into the situation; one's free will decides the outcome.

There is no hocus pocus. The mediums have very little to gain, only their reputation to lose.

Everyone can foretell specific events or details aided by spirit. Human beings can communicate with the spirit of departed persons. Spirit is living and is personally interested in our development. Spirits understand completely how everything is created and will provide one with a much bigger picture. Spirit's aim is to bring messages of hope and recovery.

Spirits who roam the earth do not indulge in the whims of those left behind. Spirits are invested in our physical survival. There is a real possibility of our own extinction due to our doings. It is crucial that we change our thoughts and behaviours.

Our future is in peril. We will destroy ourselves if we continue on the extreme ways of life and do not balance our personal needs and wants for the greater good. We are all created of all things. What we do to all things we do to self.

Life takes on another dimension and meaning when one takes the time to speak with and appreciate spirit. The fact is you will begin to stand up for what is right and act in everyone's best interest.

Spirit will listen to and answer prayers. The information given usually reminds people that they need to form and maintain bonds with others to recognize our unity as one people.

Our true goal in life is to mature and improve by employing honest and constructive means. Each person is assumed to act and react with compassion, insight, knowledge, and respect to create stability.

Spirits want the best for people. I am sure spirits would be pleased if human beings would cultivate earth in a respectful, balanced manner and not cause irreparable harm and damage.

Experience for yourself close encounters with spirit. Honour and respect intelligent intervention in your life. A guard granted to your personal spirit to enable you to travel safely and wisely from one life to the next
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